Tim Neill

I'm supporting our wounded. Are you with me?

We've formed a team of veterans from Mastercard to take on the Cumbrian Challenge - to support those who served. Some of whom still carry their combat injuries - and will do so for life. 

We're taking on a big walking route around the Lake District alongside teams of veterans who are getting their lives back on track thanks to Walking With The Wounded. 

My ask is quite simple. Please dig deep, or sign up a team to take us on. 

Why? We're the lucky ones with jobs, families, homes. Most people leave the military without any issue, but for a small minority it isn't so easy. 

Walking With The Wounded support the veterans who are struggling with their mental health, who are hard to reach, socially isolated, homeless, in police custody... men and women with little to look forward to but who want to get back into society and employment – which is at the heart of what WWTW does.

Please help me and my team hit our £2k target. Every £675 can enable a veteran or their immediate family to access 1-2-1 private mental health therapy within an average of 4 days of referral. Imagine that.

Mastercard have pledged to match our target - so anything you give will be doubled!

Thank you for your support.

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Pete Phb

I hope you PTI'd up the hills as front marker. Great effort here by team MA.


Jonathan Anastasia

Didn’t realize you were a fellow vet and rugby player. Next time I’m London we definitely need to grab a pint. Love that you’re doing this.


Ildiko Bitai

Good luck Tim, please let me know if you need more walkers:)



Great stuff - go team!


Ben Willee

Great cause



Good luck guys, gutted I can’t be there with you 😍


Jen Buckner

Worthy cause and commitment -- good luck & thank you.


Jeremy Sutton

Well done Tim and good luck


Rees, Gmo

Be sure to pack Twix, Snickers and Mars bars. One bar per Kilometre. Consider including some slices of greasy cold Hawaiian Pizza and a 2ltr bottle of Fanta for energy. Hope all goes well and you have some sherbets after. “What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” —Pericles of Athens, 495-429 B.C


Conrad Lennard

Good luck, Tim!


Gemma Daros

good luck


Sean Aitken

Great cause Tim and Team!


Tim Neill


Alice Huber

Amazing effort, can't wait to hear all about it


Nick C

Great cause…


Hugo Wyman

Great work Timmy! Proud nephew.


Ian Gausden

Great cause: good luck Tim