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Mid - training update

Hi all, firstly thank you to all who have donated and continue to support me & the team, amazing! 

Since the last post, I have continued to train and push out the miles! with several hikes in Roseberry, 10+ Mile (2,703ft Elev Gain), a 7 Mile (1,440ft Elev Gain), a 15.6 Mile (2,228ft Elev Gain), and a epic 20 miles (3,350ft Elev Gain)... 

Up next are some more 20-mile hikes around the Yorkshire Dales and Yorkshire Moors! 

As always, I'll keep you posted and thanks again for the support.  

18 April - Hike in Osmotherley, Hambleton

11mi, 1,627 Elev gain, 3h 16m 

Great hiking around Osmotherley... Cracking hills & a dangerous descent or 2. Not a bad pace considering this was a route recce. Fantastic scenery... Recovery is needed

Thank you for all your support, been truly inspiring 

10 April - Hike in Sutton Bank, Thirsk

9mi, 1,234ft Elev gain, 2h 33m 

Little injury today. Sod's law happened in the middle of the route. 1 X wrecked trousers & 1 X leg gash. 

30 March - Hike on Roseberry Topping, Cleveland

3.66mi , 1,358ft Elev gain, 1h 23m 

2 laps of Roseberry today. great pace and even better views. 

27 March - Hike in Hudswell Forest, Richmond

8.03mi, 1,388ft Elev gain, 2h 41m

A great training session, hill reps felt good & feeling fit and healthy 

21 March - Hike in the hills Sutton Bank, Thirsk

9.43mi, 1,267ft Elev gain, 3h 5m 

Local routes recce. Good terrain. 
The pace felt good and little back & leg pain. Have a great recovery regimen and a back brace is a must. 

Role on training 

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to look at my fund raising page. 

As you may of already know, I have been in similar situations & struggles, post leaving the military along with veterans this charity and your donations support. Using their Head Start Program & employment help to name a few. 

This is my way of giving back to a charity that has helped me so much & continue to. With your help, encouragement & donations I hope to smash my goals and climb them hills. 

Once again thank you 

I'm supporting our wounded. Are you with me?

I've joined a team taking on the Cumbrian Challenge - to support those who served. We're taking on a big walking route around the Lake District alongside teams of veterans who are getting their lives back on track thanks to Walking With The Wounded. 

My ask is quite simple. Please dig deep, or sign up a team to take us on. 

Why? We're the lucky ones with jobs, families, homes. Most people leave the military without any issue, but for a small minority it isn't so easy. 

Walking With The Wounded support the veterans who are struggling with their mental health, who are hard to reach, socially isolated, homeless, in police custody... men and women with little to look forward to but who want to get back into society and employment – which is at the heart of what WWTW does.

Please help me and my team hit our £2k target. Every £675 can enable a veteran or their immediate family to access 1-2-1 private mental health therapy within an average of 4 days of referral. Imagine that.

Thank you so much in advance for your support.

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My completely awesome friend. Who’d have thought you’d be doing this three years ago? Obvs apart from me!! You are a testament to your own determination and resilience and have my utmost respect.


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