sharon McCabe

At Location: Cumbrian Challenge 2022

Participating in their 2nd Cumbrian Challenge!

I'm supporting our wounded. Are you with me?

I've joined a team taking on the Cumbrian Challenge - to support those who served. We're taking on a big walking route around the Lake District alongside teams of veterans who are getting their lives back on track thanks to Walking With The Wounded. 

My ask is quite simple. Please dig deep, or sign up a team to take us on. 

Why? We're the lucky ones with jobs, families, homes. Most people leave the military without any issue, but for a small minority it isn't so easy. 

Walking With The Wounded support the veterans who are struggling with their mental health, who are hard to reach, socially isolated, homeless, in police custody... men and women with little to look forward to but who want to get back into society and employment – which is at the heart of what WWTW does.

Please help me and my team hit our £2k target. Every £988 we raise could fund a course of therapy, giving a veteran the tools to support their mental health needs now and in the future. Starting within 4 days of referral - imagine that.

Thank you so much in advance for your support.

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Jude & Fraser

Good Luck Sharon!!!


Stuart Mccabe

Well done babe, an AWESOME EFFORT, through the blood sweat & loads of tears. True to your word getting it done, we are all so proud of you ❤️❤️❤️❤️xxx


Carol Mcdowall

Go Go Go Sharon and Team!!


Susan Barclay

Lots of luck Sharon x



Good luck Sharon, amazing xx


Lucy Mccabe

Well done Sharon, love Lucy, Douglas,Katie and Blair 😍


Edward Mccabe

Well done Sharon


Laurence Beckett

Good luck Sharon


Doolie Murray

Don’t get too pished 🙂




Kirstie Bain

Enjoy a pint 🍺 from me! Much love team


Chris Mitchell


Ann Mcintosh

Good luck Sharon and Ben, Ann, Ryan and Archie xxx


Helen Doc

Good luck, Sharon. Gie it laldy 🙌🏼


Simon Middleton


Angela Middleton

Good luck team !


Nicola Od

Good luck sharon and team xx


Chaz D

Good luck


Sharon Mccue


Debbie Bradley

Good luck youl smash it xxxxx